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    Why Vote Independent?

    For those of us that have spent our lives absent-mindedly ticking the box against "the red candidate", "the blue candidate" or the "the yellow candidate" (and sometimes even "the green candidate") then voting Independent might seem a scary departure from the norm. It shouldn't. Here are four reasons why you should vote Independent on May 6th.

  • Statement on the War in Ukraine

    The chair of Cambridgeshire County Council, Cllr Stephen Ferguson, gave an address to Full Council earlier today, which was unanimously supported. “Like most of the world, Cambridgeshire watched in horror as Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in the early hours of 24th February. As a council we condemn this assault on Ukraine and the devastating impact on the way of life of ordinary Ukrainian people. The Russian military is even as we speak, using tanks, aircraft and artillery to target major Ukrainian cities and population centres, some of which are now under occupation. Despite assurances that civilians would not be targeted, many – including children and vulnerable older…

  • Railway train

    Cambridgeshire County Council Draft EWR Response

    The draft CCC response to the EWR consultation was published today. In this blog I've tried to pick out the key points that affect St Neots, and rural villages of Abbotsley, Great Gransden, Waresley, Toseland and Yelling who will potentially be heavily affected by the choice of route.

  • The vision for the future of Market Square and the High Street

    During my time as a councillor, and during the last year as Mayor, I have passionately championed championed local business, and especially Market Square and the High Street. The Hunts Post invited me to write two newspaper columns, in which I outlined my vision for the future of St Neots.

  • Action on Climate Change

    We are in the midst of a climate emergency, the catastrophic effects of which we can only mitigate if we all take immediate action to reduce individual carbon emissions and those of our communities.  All of the candidates standing in this election will CLAIM that they are interested in climate change, but talk is cheap, and few of them will be able to demonstrate any real progress towards reducing the impact of local carbon emissions. If elected as your County Councillor, I promise to put climate change at the centre of all of the decisions that I make. Not only is that the right thing to do for the whole…

  • Equality, Accessibility, Diversity

    Equality, Diversity & Accessibility

    Part of my aim in being elected as a Town Councillor (and subsequently during my time as Mayor) was to make St Neots an open, inviting and accessible town that excludes no one, and that we can all be proud of. Here are three important ways that I have worked to make our community more inclusive and diverse: 1. Inclusive Play Equipment  Last autumn I walked the entire 151-mile length of the Ouse Valley Way. The tragedy is that a parent of a child with disabilities would have to travel that distance to find a play park with inclusive play equipment. My earliest success as a Councillor was forming a…

  • The Old Falcon

    Results of Residents’ Survey on Future High Street Fund Priorities

    We've received 945 responses to our informal survey in less than 24 hours. The results make for interesting reading, and so too are the additional comments. It's clear that you all really care about our town. The comments are thoughtful, insightful and full of positivity. You're not afraid to name the issues but you also suggest lots of creative solutions.

  • Progressive Pride Flag

    Pride in St Neots

    This morning the Pride Flag flew over Huntingdonshire for the first time. Flying this flag represents another small step towards realising our vision of making St Neots a truly welcoming and inclusive community for everyone.